In the past two years, the price of memory has returned from the previous price increase cycle to the price decrease cycle. Now in 2021, the memory price will return to the price increase mode. From December last year to January this year, it increased by up to 30%. Ninety-five percent of the world's memory production capacity is owned by Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron, among which two Korean manufacturers account for about 75% of the market, which has a great impact on the market. We previously reported that the three major manufacturers have begun to reduce memory investment in 2020 due to the price drop of memory, and the relevant impact has already begun to appear. According to news from the Chinese flash memory market, Samsung and SK Hynix’s investment focus will be on foundry and flash memory. The original DRAM investment is expected to be the same as 2020, but after Samsung converts some of its DRAM production lines to CIS, its DRAM capital expenditure may be lower than last year. Therefore, the market expects that the DRAM market as a whole is in short supply, and customers are willing to pull goods. Since December last year, the price of original DRAM particles has increased by 20%-30%. In short, the trend of the memory market has changed. Buy and cherish low-priced memory.