On November 18th, the 7th Amazon Overseas Shopping Festival "True Black Five" global carnival has fully entered the climax stage. Hundreds of thousands of overseas simultaneous discounts as low as 40%, 30 Chinese customized exclusive discounts, detonated the year-end cross-border online shopping boom . It is worth mentioning that from November 26th to December 1st, it will enter the stage of this "True Black Friday" promotion and the "Peak 6th" panic buying stage, with two major promotions, "Black Friday" and "Online Shopping Monday". Nodes took turns to set off a global sweeping storm. In addition, there are multiple forms of surprise benefits such as local superimposed subsidies, super brand days, and Black Friday live broadcast festivals, igniting the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers for “Black Friday” overseas shopping in all aspects.

   As the longest "True Black Five" global carnival in the history of Amazon's overseas purchases, there are many bright spots that consumers are looking forward to during the promotion season that spans the entire November:

      Highlight 1: More simultaneous overseas offers. During this "Black Five" promotion, Amazon's overseas purchases synchronized hundreds of thousands of overseas discounts as low as 40%. In addition to the international brands that Chinese consumers are familiar with, this "True Black Five" will also offer niche brands that have not even officially entered the Chinese market, including Bissell, Morris & Co, Asahi, Snow Peak, Maxi-Cosi Mai Keshi, let domestic consumers experience the original "Black Five" carnival.

   Highlight 2: More customized offers in China. On the basis of the direct reduction of overseas prices, Amazon Overseas Shopping and a group of international quality brands have created more than 30 exclusive customized discounts that meet the needs of Chinese consumers, and continue to help consumers enjoy the value-added cross-border online shopping experience. Among them are Physicians Formula, Lindt Lindt, Nuface, Crayola, L'Oreal Paris, Aveeno, and other brands that are popular with Chinese consumers.

   Highlight 3: Exclusive debut new products and brand-new theme stores. In addition to the world's best-selling hot products, Amazon Overseas Purchase also brought new overseas products such as Champion champion masks and Hechimon Shiraku porcelain into the Chinese market, allowing Chinese consumers to synchronize the global "fresh experience" with one click. At the same time, Amazon Overseas Shopping also launched a series of new themed stores, such as IP Pavilion, Bone China Pavilion, Niche Beauty, Niche Apparel, Japan Stationery Awards, 2021 Handbook, etc., to reach the uniqueness in a variety of ways. In the cultural circle, consumers with different hobbies can find their "favorites" here.

   Highlight 4: More superimposed benefits. In this "Black Five" carnival, Amazon's overseas purchase discounts have been greatly enhanced. The total number of promotional products that can support superimposed subsidies has increased to three times last year. At the same time, Amazon overseas purchases has also launched a full reduction of 200% off 50% with China Guangfa Bank. Concessions, together with the Agricultural Bank of China, provide consumers with additional surprises in the form of coupon discounts without threshold.

   Highlight 5: More shopping channels. In addition to the Amazon website, APP and Amazon's overseas purchase of WeChat applet, Amazon's overseas purchase of Baidu's smart applet store was also officially launched during the "Black Five" promotion. The store synchronized more than 20 million from over 30 categories of Amazon overseas purchases Overseas authentic. While Amazon Overseas Shopping brings more Chinese consumers overseas goods and prices, it has once again broadened overseas shopping channels and further lowered the threshold for consumers to make cross-border online shopping.

   This year, Amazon's overseas purchases continue to strengthen logistics guarantees, thereby improving the delivery timeliness of cross-border orders during the promotion period. Based on the global intelligent logistics network, Amazon's overseas purchase ensures accurate and rapid allocation of goods during the promotion period. In addition, through the industry's first overseas purchase cross-border front-end warehouse, cross-border orders for Amazon overseas purchases can be delivered within 3 working days in some cities across the country. On the just-concluded Prime Membership Day, Amazon's overseas purchase cross-border orders set a new logistics and distribution record, and it took only 1.7 working days to deliver cross-border packages to domestic consumers. At the same time, the "Black Friday" promotes a comprehensive upgrade of cross-border free shipping benefits. For Prime members, on the basis of providing priority delivery services, they can enjoy the exclusive rights of zero threshold unlimited cross-border free shipping; non-Prime members only need a single payment You can enjoy free shipping for cross-border orders with orders over RMB 300.