13 most common problems with memory cards

Memory card is one of the most practical accessories for mobile phones and digital cameras. It can store a lot of files, etc., which provides us with great convenience. So, how to use the memory card? What are the most common problems when using the memory card? The following along with the Chinese brand net editor will introduce you to the 13 most common problems of the memory card. www.chinapp.com China Brand Network

1. Put the memory card in the computer to recognize it. Put it in the mobile phone and it will not recognize

This situation is often because the memory card is formatted on the computer, but the formatting is not compatible with the mobile phone.

The solution is to put the card back in the phone and format it again with the "Format Memory Card" function in the phone.

2. The mobile phone prompts "Pull out the memory card, please press OK" to pull out the card according to the prompts, and then plug in the mobile phone in a while to continue using, but after a long time there will be a prompt to pull out the card, and so on.

This is because the memory card is frequently inserted and unplugged, which leads to the loose contact of the memory card slot of the phone. You can consider going to the customer service to repair the phone, and pay attention not to use excessive force when hot-plugging the card in the future.

3. The memory card password is lost, and the files in the memory card are very important

(1) Download and install the MMCpwd software. After running the software, we can see a row of garbled characters. The English or number displayed in the garbled interval is the password.

(2) There is also a simple method, and then install resource management software similar to FILEMAN or SELEQ on the phone. Then find the MMCSTORE file under the SYSTEN file of the C drive of the phone, and send it to the computer, and add a TXT to the file The extension of, open it with Notepad, and easily retrieve the password!!

4. The reading and writing speed of MMC card is getting slower and slower, far inferior to when it was first bought

It is also a storage device. The MMC memory card in the mobile phone is the same as that in the computer. After a period of time, the disk fragmentation will affect the reading and writing speed due to frequent deletion and copying. However, the disk format of the hard disk is FAT32 or NTFS. The MMC card in MMC is FAT16. Therefore, after the mobile phone is defragmented by the computer's disk, a series of errors will often occur, and the MMC card will be inserted into the mobile phone. In fact, we only need to copy the hidden files in the MMC card. Format the card and copy the files in!!

5. The phone suddenly asks to enter the memory card password, otherwise it will refuse to access, but it has not been set before

Unfortunately, you are very likely to have a mobile phone virus under the S60 system-CARDBlk Trojan. This little Trojan will be perfectly disguised as the INSTANT.SISxx version of the software to spread. When you accidentally run it, it You will set a password for your card. This password is randomly generated up to 16 bits, and the xx is almost 0. If you are poisoned, you can only say goodbye to the card!!!

(1) Don't accept any apps and short messages from strangers, especially things from strange Bluetooth

(2) Try to download things from trusted sites.

(3) Install a professional virus software in the phone.

6. The webpage cannot be opened when the memory card is inserted in the mobile phone, but it can be unplugged.

Unable to open the webpage, or no response from the "Internet" may be caused by a third-party input method. Switch back to the original input method, and the problem is solved.

7. 1G memory card, copy into 600MB file, the memory card cannot be safely removed on the computer, so unplug it, the memory card is loaded into the mobile phone and it displays "card is damaged", if the card is connected to the computer again, the computer will not recognize it .

When copying a memory card with a large amount of data at a time, the memory card cannot be deleted occasionally. It is recommended to copy batch by batch in the future. If the mobile phone memory card and the computer cannot be identified, it can be done.

(1) On the computer side, use the computer to format with FAT16 format.

(B) Use the forced formatting tool MMCMEDIC to repair.

(C) Format the memory card directly on the phone.

8. "The memory card has been used" appears when the phone is formatting the memory card, and the problem remains after restarting the phone.

Try the following steps: Shut down ---Remove and insert the memory card ---Turn on.

9. Many programs in the mobile phone cannot run normally. When the mobile phone is connected to the memory card, it displays "The memory card does not exist and cannot be connected."

This situation is likely to be caused by the memory card being renamed, which leads to program errors. Just put the registry everywhere and replace the memory card names in batches in the computer's Notepad.

10. After the memory card is reformatted, it displays "Unavailable".

First check whether the format used is FAT32 format, if it is formatted with FAT16, if the problem still exists, you can try to repair it in the "Disk Utility" in the computer system.

11. The multimedia photos and video files placed in the storage card suddenly do not know where they are going.

Connect the memory card to the computer with a card reader, confirm its drive letter, open the "Start" menu of the computer, select Run, enter "CMD" and press Enter, and enter "VCHKDSKH:/F" under the MS-DOS command.

12. Many software cannot be used normally after the memory card is formatted.

Before formatting the memory card, the software left in the phone must be uninstalled. Otherwise, an error will occur when the software of the same version is installed the next time, and the files on the memory card will be backed up---formatting.

13. Put the memory card into the card reader, the computer crashes after connecting, nothing happens, and then two situations appear

(1) The computer prompts that the memory card cannot be read.

(2) I lost my patience during the long wait, and the memory card was unplugged. The computer showed that the memory card could not be operated.

Check if the card reader is plugged in!! Can't change the card reader or format it. If it doesn't work, just change the card.

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