Memory card partition, interested friends can take a look

Abstract: Memory card is a very common and practical item in our lives. Whether it is a mobile phone, a computer or some other electronic equipment, there will be a storage device that we believe. So today, let me introduce you to the details of the memory card partition.

1. Memory card partition

   SD card partition, namely SD memory card is divided into random access memory (RAM) and read only memory (ROM). ROM is equivalent to the hard disk on the PC, used to store the mobile phone operating system and software, also called FLASHROM, determines the size of the mobile phone storage space. RAM is equivalent to the memory of a PC, and its size determines the operating speed of the mobile phone.

2. Partition purpose

   The main purpose of SD card partition is to install applications to the SD card to solve the inconvenience caused by the lack of memory of the machine itself, and to better improve the stability and operating speed of the system. Also known as APP2SD.

How APP2SD works: Take a 4G SD card as an example. We can divide the 4G card into 3 partitions. The FAT32 partition is the normal storage partition for storing music and pictures; the Swap partition is the system cache. The greater the speed of the system The bigger the improvement is, but generally it will not exceed 96MB (because the Swap partition has an impact on the life of the SD card); there is also an Ext4 partition, the function of this partition is to install the software you install on the SD card, without occupying the phone memory , To better improve system stability and operating speed. Take Magic as an example, the folk self-made ROM basically requires the SD card to have three partitions to ensure that the ROM flashing is successful and working normally.

The three partitions are:

  (1) Fat32 primary partition: ordinary SD card space, used for file storage, etc.;

  (2)Ext4 main partition: used for APP2SD, that is, install the application to the SD card instead of the phone memory, and the ROM is automatically completed;

  (3) Swap primary partition: used to solve the problem of insufficient system memory, the system automatically calls this partition.

   The above is the detailed introduction about the memory card partition. The existence of the memory card will improve the performance and speed of electronic devices, so friends must buy a good quality reputation.